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Attention Writers 

Fooxee is a digital platform for sharing women’s lifestyle and loveable stories. If you have a passion for writing or are an established writer, we welcome you to write for us and use Fooxee as a platform to reach new audience and to promote your works.


AdSense Revenue For Writers

Here at Fooxee we are allowing author and original content creator to submit their AdSense ID under My Account Page90% of ads revenue from content page will go to you, the original creator.
The remaining will be used to keep the site running. Fooxee has the right to reject or blacklist any user found to claim AdSense revenue for other people’s work.


Reposting Non-original Video and Image

We believe great things are meant to be shared and enjoyed. Aside from original work, we invite you to upload interesting contents from around the community in short YouTube video and image form. Please add personal commentary and credit the original source. 



You will always be the copyright owner of what you’ve created. Fooxee seeks no ownership of submitted contents but may repost them in its social media.  Content creators have the responsibility to ensure that their work does not contain any element of copyright infringement. Fooxee has the right to reject any submission or remove any published content from the website.


What To Post?

Have a look at our site; we share stories that are focused around women and in a variety of lifestyle topics. They are in bite-size, informative, fun and narrated with visually appealing images. The primary topics we cover are:

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